Sunday, May 13, 2012

The State of American Politics... absolutely fucking pathetic. Worst yet, it's at all levels from the common man to the executive branch.

What was Lincoln's speech back in the day? Something about a house divided upon itself cannot stand? At least slavery was something worth fighting against. Today, the "us versus them" mentality of Democrat vs Republican is just sad. It's one of few things that genuinely depresses me - that so many people love to jump on the bandwagon of one "team" or another and get an adrenaline rush any time they bash Fox News or Barack Obama or whatever the hell. Beyond that, it's one thing for idiots in their teens and twenties to harp on this stuff - but for the President himself to follow this suit is just sad.

If you as an American truly, sincerely believe that either the Democrats of Republicans are inherently any more / less intelligent or reasonable than "your team" ... I am hereby judging you as a fucking moron. Don't bother trying to explain. You have been judged. Zip it, I don't want to hear it.

The fact that the past few elections have been relatively close, to me speaks to the point that we have mediocre candidates and it's always a "lesser of two evils" rather than someone who is legitimately good and an easy choice. Nobody knows shit about their local and state elections - and so jerkoffs make their way into the House and Senate. From this pool of jerkoffs come some presidential candidates - some distilled jerkoffs who are either well funded or smart enough to take advantage of people. 

Elections are all geared toward taking advantage of the naive, in my opinion. Campaign ads with a strong focus on slandering or demeaning the opponent? You've run out of anything good to say about yourself so all you can do is play depressing music and black and white scenes about how the "other guy" is the End of America? Fuck off with that, asshole. A campaign harping on "hope" and "change" ? I could give a flying fuck. People through the ages have come to power by tugging at such easy emotional strings, particularly during times of depression or unrest (Hitler being a good example). How about you show me a plan forward? More taxes or less... how about we first focus on auditing large government entities as they stand to make them accountable for however many billions in wasted taxpayer dollars. 

Worst of all is the branding. Republican. Democrat. Which am I? Who knows. Admittedly there are a number of other parties out there... none of which realistically have a shot in hell of winning anything for a variety of reasons. Maybe I'll post a video on that at some point. 

I like to call myself socially liberal and financially conservative. Legalize marijuana? Sure - within restrictions like we have for alcohol (e.g. not driving under the influence). Abortions? Sure. Gay marriage? Sure. It's not my place to decide how other people live their lives so long as they aren't destructive to the rest of the community. But I am not for a huge government - moreover one that is financially inefficient and irresponsible. Where does that put me and who do I vote for? Who knows.

What's the point of this rambling? How about this - stop being assholes, people. I've been guilty of it enough myself before. We, as a country, shouldn't be so focused on "beating the other team" as much as we should be focused on finding some common ground and improving things.

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